Our FRUX apple crisps


Our FRUX apple crisps


We’ve done the great work to create this product! Its production became possible due to the implementation of innovative japanese technologies. The first  stage of  production is the apples selection – the first-grade apple crisps can be made  from sorted high quality moldavian apples only. On the left side of Dniestr river,we have our 100 ha apple orchads , where we grow varieties “Granny Smith” and “Fuji Red”- the best one for our production.



Upon a thorough washing and up to the stage when the peel becomes almost sterile, the fruits are transferred to the processing line. A soft dehydration at low temperatures ensures that the natural biochemical and organoleptic parameters, such as high vitamin qualities, the major and trace mineral elements, the natural apple flavor and taste are retained in the final product. The second important component is the Japanese high-tech production line.

The final product made in accordance with the implemented technology has a sour-sweet taste and apple odour, and appears as slices of the fragile crispy consistence, similar to the potato chips.

We don’t use any old fruit in our chips. Our apples are carefully selected for their taste and texture to make sure they have the perfect crunch. We don’t like to waste anything either so we use the whole fruit in our apple crisps– the skin, the pips, everything. It’s like we say – they contain ALL the goodness of fruit!


Facts about apples

The output food substance retains all the apples’ properties, which are characterized by a great quantity of dietary fibers, pectin and polyphenols,being in charge for the lipid metabolism in the organism, and participating in the inflammatory process control.

The apples contain iodine 8 times more than bananas and 13 times higher than oranges. Because of this reason they are used for prophylaxis of the thyroid gland diseases. Iodine is also needed for improvement of cerebral processes and is recommended to schoolchildren, students and all the people who somehow or other engaged in the mental work.

The balanced composition of carbohydrates, acids and pectin stimulates vitality, makes feel better and improves activity of the gastrointestinal tract. It is important to note that the apple chips is a source of natural, rather than synthesized, vitamins. This results in a soft and effective influence on the organism.


Crispy snack

Such a tasty snack is very useful at the iron-deficient conditions in the organism. It promotes correct physical growth and development by preventing avitaminosises.The caloric value of our apple chips is low. Therefore they are perfectly suitable for those who control and monitor their body weight. FRUX can be taken with while traveling, going to school or office. Does not takes much space in a bag, however satisfies the hunger perfectly. In the car, on the walk, on a picnic , fitness clubs … It can be also used as an additional ingredient for dishes, for example, when making desserts.

Currently the apple chips are available in 3 original tastes: Original, Cinnamon, Vanilla..

The emergence and availability of such a product dramatically changes the fixed notion on consumer properties of snacks and completely satisfies the growing interest of customers to a healthy food, because it is intended for people who sincerely care of their health. Our society should come to understanding that the consumed products affect not only our health, but that of our descendants.It is also planned to expand the range of snacks made of other fruits.

Currently the apple chips are available in 3 original tastes: classic, cinnamon, vanilla. Apple chips is a unique food product. It occupy a new segment in the market of snacks.In 2017 wi will expand the variety of FRUX snacks from other fruits and veggie mixes! Stay tuned!